Our specialty is designing custom ergonomic canes made to give the user comfort, stability and style, as one should not be subjected to an unsightly medical device just because they need a walking aide.

COMFORT:  The concept of form and function demands that the handle be comfortable, stable and stylish. Therefore there are no sharp edges in the way of being a practical walking aid, somewhat limiting our designs as they are void of carved edges that could cause discomfort, as the cane user should be able to use the cane with assurance that they will have a comfortable grip and not be compromised by a design that inhibits this need.

STABILITY:  There is an inner dowel or tenon that joins the shaft, collar, handle and some may have side dowels that anchor all the pieces should there be shrinkage or expansion of the wood.  We use solid hardwoods and custom made pieces are created with consideration of the client’s height, weight and hand size/needs.  Each client’s needs are unique many of our clients are over 6 ft. tall and may weigh between 250 – 400 lbs. so we must make sure the variety of woods used are adequate for their needs and the heftiness of the cane is also designed with this in mind.

STYLE:  We believe that the cane user should not be limited to the flimsy and unattractive canes that are most common on the market place and we want the user to be proud to show off our canes and have onlookers be able to admire the beauty of the natural woods just the same.  We use time proven wood working techniques to provide strength and durability and our wood combinations and designs are yet to be exhausted.  We hope you enjoy viewing our work as much as we are having fun creating them.

Historically the cane is not only used as an aide but also as a fashion statement and our designs are intended for the user to be proud to show they own a cane created for them out of beautiful hardwoods from the world over.   Our goal is to give artful definition to an ancient tool that has evolved little even in our modern times.  The cane user should not have to be subjected to walking with an unsightly piece of hardware that hinders their style and pride.  We hope that the simple elegance of our designs are enjoyed by not only the user but onlookers as well.

Each cane is numbered and signed and accompanied by a Certificate of Registration. The owner can update their registration information and if lost and found  the owner can be contacted to retrieve their cane.  This is a free service and all information is kept confidential.

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